Sexism is so prevalent people don't even realise they're being influenced.

Blatantly sexist companies are definitely harmful, but even more destructive are companies that subtly promote sexism, and food companies seem to be the worst.

Ragu got into trouble a couple of years ago when they disrespected men, and the men went on twitter and Facebook enraged and called them out. Chef Boyardee apologised and life went back to normal for Ragu.

When woman are insulted, outrage like that rarely seems to happen anymore.

This company for example, GoldSeal https://www.facebook.com/goldseal happily depicts only women in housekeeping roles like cooking, cleaning, shopping, and raising kids. There isn't a man on the entire site taking care of his family.

Women seem to love the site, and it's been online for years, but no one seems to mind that the company, which is huge, sends a 1960's message of, "A woman's place is in the home, barefoot and pregnant."


HotForex company placed the attached banner on one of web-resources.


How is this image http://memegenerator.net/Alpha-Boyfriend not down by now?
It's just the perfect example of sexism. Thank you internet...


New VW commercial putting forward the concept that when a VW hits 100,000 miles, wings sprout from the back of the German engineer/s who designed the car.

Guess how many of those engineers are female?


(Sarcasm follows: )I want to commend British Sea Power for the cover of their album "From the Sea to the Land Beyond" for what is a truly breathtaking, original, creative, imaginative and completely non-objectifying to women image.


Oh the Mail Online, a perennial favourite for women's liberation! On one hand they too lament the sexualisation and easy access to pornography by children, yet emulate The Sun's Page 3 by featuring topless photos of Rhianna as the central image the minute you click on the TV & Showbiz index tab. So for those of us who clicked on just to see what's happening in celeb world get an eyeful that we didn't ask for thanks very much.

And even if you decide to exit TV & Showbiz, and read other articles, her naked image follows you around as the first image on the right-hand side wall!