The Frontline Club - Lolita-themed cocktail!

humbert humbert frontline
The Frontline Club describes itself as "a club for people united by their passion for quality journalism". Just off Paddington Station, the cheapest item on the menu of the restaurant appears to be peanuts at £2.50. The cocktail menu includes the 'Humbert Humbert' at £10. The cocktail is illustrated by cartoon caricature of just the legs of what appears to be a man not wearing his trousers, standing on a typewriter. Humbert Humbert is a character in the fictitious novel, 'Lolita', by Vladimir Nabokov. In it Humbert, a literature professor, becomes sexually obsessed with a 12 year old girl. He marries her mother and subsequently abuses the child. Whoever thought this was a suitable name for a 'jokey' cocktail and have none of the many journalists who eat and drink in the place ever complained?


suit supply
Advertising for Mr Suit Supply. Need I say more...?


The "these girlfriends are doing it wrong" feature on HelloU is the reason I've unsubscribed and deleted them. The supposed boyfriends replies the company seem to approve of include "wow, b**ch" and there are also copious lecherous shots of women's bodies they like featuring that the "gf" supposedly sent. Won't be using them again.


Fruit of the Loom
I've just seen a Fruit of the Loom TV advert, which supposedly features a female conductor leading an orchestra while wearing nothing but her heels and underwear (

This ad has completely sickened me. It's meant to be funny - perhaps it would be funny, if there weren't so few female conductors in the classical music sector. If it wasn't still a huge deal for a woman to lead an orchestra. If women weren't still consistently overlooked, neglected, sidelined and yes, even harassed, as they strive to make careers within the classical music world. How dare Fruit of the Loom take the pioneering achievements of the very few female classical conductors who are out there - and turn them into a joke, in order to sell their product. I have bought Fruit of the Loom clothing in the past - I will never buy another product of theirs again.


New sexist add from nuddles BBQ flavour where a bunch of brasislian women in their thongs are shown in this add.
My daily basis is a non stop adds on tv or billboards of provocative girls .
I am forced to like the sight of females nudity despite I'm Heterosexual .
What would happens if this were the other way around ?


I was horrified by a recent headline in the Sunday Times. Apparently it is so newsworthy that a woman of 71, let alone a grandmother, should be considered suitable for an important job that it was on the front page of the paper. I wondered what her status as grandmother had got to do with this story? Can you imagine a male retired professor being described in this way? And this a so-called quality Sunday paper.

Grandmother, 71, tackles slave traffickers for the Pope

A BRITISH professor who is the most senior woman in the Vatican is leading the Pope’s new crusade against human trafficking.

Margaret Archer, a 71- year-old grandmother who has spent most of her academic career at Warwick University, has just been appointed head of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences by Pope Francis. She is now pressing for changes to allow the victims of modern slavery to stay in Britain once they have been rescued.