Raising Awareness


It may appear that it is just a simple issue that we should all ignore but there is a big picture everyone has to see. Using women as sexy figures impacts young generation on how they look at women. Young boys will think that women are there to satisfy their fantasies. By ignoring sexism, we are endangering the future of innocent young girls. Here are the reasons why:

It Tolerates Abuse

Did you know that the more we ignore sexism, issue with sex trade gets worst? More men will think that raping is just an exciting thing to do. It supplements their ego. More men will think that paying a woman for sex is okay. The people who benefit from sexism are the monsters behind human trafficking and sex trades.

Sexism Gives An Idea That Women Have Low Value

Even if we admit it or not, sexism has contributed to the idea that women are cheap, easy to get. Let’s not teach our young boys to treat women like that. Women deserved to be respected. It works the same with our little girls, they become anorexic so that they could fit in to the idea of society teach them.

It Affects Our Young Girls Self Esteem

Media has became very successful on portraying how women should look. Women have to be slim, beautiful, and should have big boobs and butt to be considered beautiful. Women should learn how to accept their appearance and accept the unique beauty that they have.