Sexism In Advertisement And Commercial


Women are rising and standing up for their rights but somethings aren’t changing yet. We still patronize these insulting commercials. They maybe funny when you first look at them but the message they are sending across are not funny at all.

Go Daddy

We didn’t understand the relevance of this commercial to what go daddy is trying to advertise. Go daddy is one of the biggest web hosting companies but look at the best advertisement they can come up with. This commercial is clearly inappropriate. It disrespects female teachers and teaches students to take advantage at women who have sexy figures. No questions asked why it has to be banned in superbowl. Your kids shouldn’t be watching this kind of crap.


Vegetables are good for health but this commercial is not healthy at all. It’s all about sex, using women as sex symbols. Did you see the part where the woman lick the squash? Do you lick squash like that? Whenever you cook your veggies, are you wearing this kind of outfit? This commercial is appallingly disgusting.

Carls Jr

Do you eat a burger like this? I don’t think so. We like Carls Jr because their burgers are amazing but after watching this commercial, we are now thinking twice weather they deserve our patronage. Does have burgers something to do with sex? We think that Carls Jr has to find more creative way to advertise their product. We have tolerated them so much by patronizing these kinds of commercials. There are ways to create interesting and funny commercials without using women as sex symbols.


We like men who smell good but it doesn’t mean that we will act like this. We will not drop our panties because you use Axe body spray. That is ridiculous. This commercial somehow show that women can be easily persuaded, that you can have sex with any women you like. We are not sex toys. We are human. Some women embrace this kind of image but we don’t. It is not okay for us to be viewed that way. We won’t let our daughters suffer the same thing.


We can’t find any reasons why this commercial won. It lack sense. Doritos is one of our favorite snacks. We like to add toppings and munch as much as we want. They don’t need to use a young teen to prove that it taste good. Advertisement like this is not only offensive but also inappropriate.