Why Women Are Subject To Sexism?

young girl

Media has portrayed women as symbol of sex. Why women only get this treatment? We are not trying to be overly sensitive but there is really something wrong with how women are being treated. They call us names such as bitch, whore, easy to get, and many more. This has to stop.

Watch this funny video about sexism. You will notice that it seems natural for women to appear sexy and seducer but if men do it, it looks weird. Why is that?

Part of the video shows Scarlett Johansson reluctant answering demeaning questions about her sexuality. She questioned why Robert Downey gets interesting questions while she only get sexists questions. We loved what she have done. She simply slapped those interviewers in the face by defending herself.

The video also shown as a glimpse what it feels like to walk in New York City as a voluptuous woman. Guys cat calling her, whistling to get her attention as if she is just a mere animal.

We have names. Call us the right way. Don’t treat us as if we are just like your sex dolls. We are more than that. Remember that you have mothers and sisters too. You don’t want them to be treated that way.